La Pampa Mobile Grill | Argentine Traditional Wood Fired Grill
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Starting in 2012, La Pampa is a “farm to street” mobile Argentine grill based in Yellow Springs, Ohio. We source primarily from local Ohio family farms to engage in and help develop environmentally and culturally sustainable practices, a thriving local economy; and offer the highest quality, fresh foods cooked in a simple, slow, traditional style.


Mariano was born and raised in the region known as “la pampa” in Argentina. Mariano’s father worked herding sheep and cattle, and later as a professional butcher for many years. Although he has been a professional cook for nearly 20 years, Mariano learned the art of the “asado” and “parrilla” from his father, who to this day grills the best whole cuts in his hometown.

A La Parrilla – Mobile Grill

La Pampa Mobile is a converted food cart with a custom built Argentine grill from Grillworks in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We bring farm-to-street menus to area breweries, festivals, The Wellness Center at Antioch College, and Yellow Springs’ Peifer Orchards during apple season, among others. Our signature pork sausage “chori-pan” Argentine sub is prepared with a simple salt and pepper recipe, grilled and served on an organic baguette with chimichurri sauce.

Al Asador – Private Parties

La Pampa brings the Argentine art of the BBQ, “el asado,” to private parties, weddings and events, where outdoor cooking lends itself to conversation around the fire and among friends. Preparing whole pork, lamb or sides of beef “al asador,” cooked vertically over radiating slow heat from a bed of coals brings out exquisite flavor. Ensuring high quality, we source our meat from Ohio area farms and cook onsite to bring it directly to the dinner line, hot off the grill.

Seasonal Menu

Sourcing a seasonal menu takes an ongoing commitment to local farms and creative skill to bring the freshest harvest to the fire. Depending on the growing season, La Pampa brings a variety of vegetables to the grill—from stuffed acorn squash to grilled onions, peppers, eggplant or zucchini with brown rice, or simply tossed with fresh tomatoes and olive oil. Seasonal dishes are prepared on the mobile grill, as well as added to the onsite cooking of La Pampa private parties.


Are You Getting Hungry Yet?