La Pampa Mobile Grill | Father’s Day Angus Steak Special
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Father’s Day Angus Steak Special


Father’s Day Angus Steak Special

20150802_191824La Pampa is offering locally raised, grass-fed real Angus steak on Sunday, June 19th, Father’s Day, as part of our evening of grilling at Yellow Springs Brewery. Adding to our regular menu offerings that day, we will have a limited number of nearly 20 ounce steaks, grilled, sliced and served on a cutting board to share between your table of two to four people. These thick, whole steaks will be grilled over hardwood fire—as Argentine tradition mandates—and offer an authentic taste of real Angus to be enjoyed, in the Argentine style, shared at a table with friends and family.

Mariano has been dreaming about getting Angus steak on La Pampa’s menu, and is preparing for this Father’s Day offering with his local butcher and the family farms in Hardin County, Ohio. He will grill the steaks as a staggered, pre-ordered service between 5-8pm. We will communicate directly with each group that has pre-ordered to coordinate the timing, so that they may either arrive early to find a table, order their beers, and relax as their steak is grilled, or arrange to take it (and some of YS Brewery’s finest) home.

The number of steaks available is limited. We are currently sold out! The cost of the Angus steak is $70.

Please email: to reserve your steak, and arrange for the pre-ordered payment.

We hope that this will be the first of a number of steak specials throughout the season, always in coordination with the availability at area farms.

For more about La Pampa Grill and our farm to street business, follow our About Us page here.