La Pampa Mobile Grill | La Pampa Grill – week of July 1st
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La Pampa Grill – week of July 1st

La Pampa’s schedule, week of July 1st –
Thursday, 7/2 @ Yellow Springs Brewery
Friday, 7/3 @ Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co
Saturday, 7/4 @ Southern Ohio Brewery – join us at noon for the grand opening!

This week’s breweries’ Menu (subject to change) –

  • Wood fired flank steak w/ brown rice, grilled onions & peppers
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Special: organic non-GMO tofu, assorted grilled veggies w/ brown rice
  • Chicken skewers w/ brown rice, grilled onions & peppers
  • Choripan Argentine Sub w/ pork sausage, grilled onions & peppers on fresh baguette bread
  • Handmade Empanadas – beef empanada; chicken empanada (gluten-free)

To order in advance text/call: 937-768-4865. Note: we may not be able to pick up the phone to fill a request during hours of operation.