La Pampa Mobile Grill | New additions to the menu in April
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New additions to the menu in April

In addition to our signature Choripan Argentine Sub and Wood Fired Flank Steak, try our new Empanadas Argentinas. These homemade traditional Argentine empanadas have beef, carrot, onion, raisin and olive filling. Mariano is making them—the dough and the filling—from scratch!

As a new Vegetarian option, we are serving assorted vegetables with brown rice, coconut oil and chimichurri (image right).


April 3 @ Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co in Springfield

April 4 @ Food Symposium Cincinnati

April 9 @ Yellow Springs Brewery

April 13 @ Skeleton Dust Records for Record Day in Dayton at 3rd and St. Clair 11am-3pm

April 18 Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co in Springfield

April 19 @ Roundhouse Depot Brewing in Bellefountaine

April 20 @ Yellow Springs Brewery Anniversary party 

April 23 Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co in Springfield

April 28 @ Yellow Springs Brewery