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Farm-to-Street, What it Means

La Pampa Grill sources all of its meats from local, family run farms in southwest Ohio including Anderson Farm, New Liberty Farm, TS Farm, among others. In addition, La Pampa sources produce from area Farmers Markets, and local, artisanal breads.

We take pride in providing the highest quality of food, sourced locally,  from farmers we know.



  • La Pampa in June is grilling at festivals, breweries and private parties! Check out our new handmade Empanadas Argentinas with beef, olive, raisin, and veggie filling!

  • Spring has sprung and La Pampa has expanded into its new rig! In addition to the favorites, check out our new menu items – Grilled Vegetables on brown rice with coconut oil and Empanada Argentina with beef, olive, raisin, and veggie f

  • In addition to our signature Choripan Argentine Sub and Wood Fired Flank Steak, try our new Empanadas Argentinas. These homemade traditional Argentine empanadas have beef, carrot, onion, raisin and olive filling. Mariano is making them—the

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